Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CL450 Racer - Prepping For Loring 2015 Part 2

After waiting on parts for a few weeks, over the weekend I finished wiring and installing the PAMCO ignition system. 

The installation first involved attaching connectors to the wires and covering them with heat shrink tubing (to both protect and stress-relieve them). Next, I made a small bracket to attach the Electronic Advance Module, sealed the module with liquid electrical tape to keep out moisture, and zip-tied everything in place. After this, all that was left was to time the ignition with the help of my friend and a Timing Strobe.

In addition, rather than apply the race registration numbers to the tank, I fabricated some brackets and installed number boards under the seat. Now all I need is warm weather!
PAMCO Ignition Installed

Air Intake Cover with appropriate warning

Number Board Bracket

Ignition Advance Module Bracket

Sealing the Advance Module from Moisture

Mounting the Advance Module Under the Seat

Wiring Harness Adapter for the Electronic Ignition

Ready For Testing and Tuning....once the snow melts.