Thursday, January 21, 2016

Diesel Land Speed Racer Mk2 - Part 11 - Exhaust Fabrication

I decided to build a 2-into-1 slash-cut exhaust (which is to say, I had just enough leftovers to make it work, and I'm feeling cheap after shelling out for the CVT transmission).

This is my first attempt at building an entire exhaust system by myself, so the welds are snotty, the whole thing was made from leftover scrap pipe, and ultimately I covered the whole thing in fiberglass heat wrap to hide my shame. Here is the whole process in its gory, splattery detail!

My homemade pipe-cutting rig

Working out the rough shape of the pipe joint

No turning back now!

Please don't judge my skills based on these welds....

Taking shape

Adding the downpipe

Definitely not trying to hide those welds......