Saturday, February 27, 2016

Biodiesel Sportster Land Speed Racer - Part 13 - Odds and Ends

Here are all the various pieces that had to be fabricated. It's always those last details that drive you crazy and eat up your time!

K&N Round Filter Adapter

Made several grocery bags worth of chips....

CVT Cover

Hand-hammered from aluminum.

Rear Struts

Frame-Stiffening Bracket

Secondary Shaft Keyways


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Biodiesel Sportster Land Speed Racer - Part 12 - Rear Sprocket

To estimate sprocket sizes, I created a spreadsheet to calculate the approximate gear ratio for the final drive, and used trial-and-error to zero in. Ultimately, I decided to go with a 54 tooth rear and a 14 tooth front as the conservative testing ratio.

Theoretically, this combination should be good for a top speed of 74 mph at 3600 engine rpm. However, I cannot account for friction and wind resistance, so I will confirm that speed by real-world testing before I trust the math.

Machining the spacer to fit the hub