Friday, July 3, 2015

Diesel Land Speed Racer Mk2 Part 2 - Fabrication Begins (With a Vengeance!)

This is going to be a huge photo-dump of diesel Sportster progress pics. Work has been progressing steadily on and off since December, and the basic form is starting to take shape. I bobbed the rear fender, discarded the front fender, sandblasted both, and had them powder-coated green metalflake.

I chose powder-coat over paint because the paint on the first diesel got stained by leaking fuel. Powder has a harder finish and better chemical resistance.

The next step has been modifying the frame and engine so they can fit together. I shaved the rear valve cover to improve the clearance.

The final major hurdle before I can assemble a rolling chassis will be fabricate the engine mounts. I am using flat bar stock and a MIG welder to slowly construct a strong foundation for the huge v-twin.